Finding The Best App For Weather On My Desktop

Finding The Best App For Weather On My Desktop

Finding The Best App For Weather On My Desktop

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Finding The Best App For Weather On My Desktop

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Posted: Dec 03, 2010 |Comments: 0


There are a number of great ways to check the weather in your area before you even set foot outside. One method many people are discovering is getting a real time weather application right on their desktop. If you are looking for an easy way to get the weather on my desktop, here are some ways to get started. First off, start by opening up your favorite search engine and search for desktop weather downloads. There is a good number of free weather applications you can download so be sure to browse through some of the different results that will show up in your search.

In order to find the best app for getting the weather on my desktop, decide how in depth you want your weather report. If you are looking for a very in depth and interactive application, check out the desktop weather download on the Weather Channel or Weather Exchange. After a quick download and entering some location information you are able to view what the current weather and temperature is like in your area, what the forecast is looking like for the next five days and you will have quick desktop access to all kinds of helpful sidebars, weather information and fun interactive weather trivia.

If you would rather have a more compact and minimized weather app, try AccuWeather. This neat little program has many features and information to alert you of what the weather is doing in your location, current temperature and five-day outlook. After downloading their free application, you can get the full report of weather on my desktop, including severe weather alerts and customizable background images. You can even get it in a compact weather widget that fits neatly in the corner of your desktop.

There are many good applications to get the weather on your desktop so start searching and try out a few different applications. Whichever desktop weather download you decide to use, you will have a great tool that will help you figure out what the weather is doing long before you take a step outside.

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