Find pictures with Google Images

Find pictures with Google Images
One of the handiest aspects of the Google search engine is its ability to look for and present only images, rather than websites or text information. In other words, search for ‘dogs’ using Google Images and the results page will be a cascade of canine pictures.
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Desktop Twitter Programs Revealed
Desktop Twitter clients offer some advantages over browser-based options for the more than 175 million registered Twitter users navigating the tens of millions of daily Tweets. Desktop clients free user from the limited range of controls and UT metaphors found in the browser, and there’s less chance of being bitten by a web-based exploit. Moreover, third-party browser-based clients, such as …
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Borders® Participates in Google’s Local Availability Feature
Borders® today announced its participation in Google’s Local Availability feature, a national service that provides customers with a fast, easy and convenient way to search for books and other products at participating retailers. The company also announced today it’s teamed with Meetup to enable consumers to discover enriching family-friendly events in their communities.
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