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will crack you up! It’s easy to play, it’s fun and you’ll learn more about your friends than you wanted to know… FIB-OR-NOT? is the outrageously funny story telling game, where you could be fibbing . . . or not. Players take turns telling stories based on provoking subject cards they select. Listeners try to guess if the story really happened or if it was a delirious delusion. You can’t begin to imagine some of the true stories you’ll hear. And you’ll laugh together at the bluffs you believed. A great way to have fun with your friends or family! It’s suspenseful – “Did that really happen?”It’s enlightening – “I never knew that about you.”It will make you laugh – “Ahhh!, what a GREAT story.” Get a taste of how fun FIB-OR-NOT? is to play with the free demo version featuring the sample FIB-OR-NOT? card deck that includes 25 subject cards. Enough cards to play several rounds with your friends or family.If you really want to get the laughter rolling, then you’ll want to buy the Full Version that includes over 150 subject cards from the 2nd edition FIB-OR-NOT? board game. Subjects range from silly and absurd to serious and personal.

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