Fenerbahçe Desktop

Fenerbahçe Desktop
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Image by Devign Elements
Thanks to www.lifehacker.com, I am a desktop customization nut. This one is so basic anyone learning or wanting to try it can do it in a few minutes.

While there is absolutely no cost for anything used, if you can, donate a little to the artists and developers, or at least leave a nice comment. Cheers people up and shows your appreciation!

I hate icons all over the place and my husband had about a 50 or more all over our shared computer.

I decided to find a way to get rid of them and make a desktop that was very basic and easy to use so that my husband would like so much, he would want to keep it.

This computer is a PC, running Vista Home Premium.

He is from Turkey and is Fenerbahçe fan. Interestingly, Fenerbahçe defeated arch-rivals Galatasaray 3-1 in front of a packed house in Istanbul yesterday! So the timing of this desktop is rather nice!

And… My hubbie’s birthday was the 24th of this month, so Fenerbahçe winning was like an extra present!

Ok, how to put this super easy desktop together:


To learn about it go here:

To download for free here:
System Requirements:
* Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
* 500Mhz or faster CPU
* 10MB RAM free

After you download Rocket Dock you will need to do this to make it work and look the way I have it above:

Under General Tab on Dock Settings, I set it to run at start-up and Locked it. I positioned the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Under the style tab you will see a drop down for themes, I used the Black Line Skin which is not a preloaded skin, so you will have to add it. It can be found here:
Thank you to the lovely MBond!!!

This is awesome, this gives you the ability to click and see a subfolder of programs, documents etc. Look at the Fenerbahçe Desktop 3 image and you will see what I mean.

This is very popular because it is so functional and looks amazing. Matonga is currently making a secondary version, which is in beta, however the original is more stable for now and what I use. Matonga thank you for this wonderful add-on!


Set-up to make things easy on myself I made a folder called "Rockdock Shortcuts" in "My Documents" and dragged all the icons …so many icons…. off the desktop into the folder.

Then I made subfolders; The Net (Shortcuts for firefox and ie), Security (Defender and Norton), Settings (Router, Wacom, Mouse etc…) Money (Apps and links for household budget), MS Office (All Office Programs), Movies, Music, Art, etc… Well anyway you get it… This is important for the docklet. When you set up icons that you want to open submenus, just link it to the folder in the "Rocket Dock Shortcuts" folder you made and it’s pure magic.

Special icons, I downloaded:
IE/Firefox we use both, this icon is here:
Thank you miniCooper0000!!!

Windows Live Messenger:
Thanks to BARKtothePEOPLE and ChirstianBest!

Turkish Love Icon can be found here:
Thank you Basturk, great design!!!

Thanks to AndyW!!!

Money and Gold:
Also by Basturk! Thanks again!

Favorite Movies:
Thank you Ramland!!!

Thanks Dloc1!

Thanks to Everaldo Coelho and King_Khan!!!

If I missed anyone sorry! Some of these are standard and I didn’t put those links.

When I was starting to learn there were so many great desktops that were too complicated for a novice and with no instructions or links. I wondered if I would ever get it. I hope this one will be easy enough to inspire you to try some new things with your PC.

Feel free to email me if you get stuck.

In the future, you can incorporate enigma, google desktop, rainmeter, and so much more. Lifehacker.com has all sorts of links and ideas and it is a lot of fun.