Extend Your Desktop Space With 360Desktop

CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE TUTORIAL HERE! – computersight.com Usually these days, netbooks come in small desktop resolutions like 1024×600 and it is a hastle at times when there’s no more room in your desktop to fit your shortcuts. But, there’s a fix to that. The program, 360 Desktop, increasingly extends your netbook or laptop desktop space in an appealing way. I’ve been having this software for less than a week and i’m already satisfied with it. 360 Desktop is a freeware and was mainly built for netbooks due to it’s small resolution, it’s also built for laptops and PC’s as well, although widescreen ones would suit well. This is not one of those 3D Cube Desktop programs or probably anything 3D. It works like this. When you enable a VERY high resolution on a laptop screen, the resolution goes far beyond the monitor and you scroll around your desktop. This program works something like that. Alright, so if you satisfied, go ahead and get the program from here – www.360desktop.com Download it, install it and follow the instructions in the video. This program does not use up alot of Memory and is a MUST-HAVE program for netbooks. ENJOY!
Video Rating: 4 / 5