ExpensePlus (Palm & Macintosh version) null

ExpensePlus (Palm & Macintosh version) null
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ExpensePlus is the top selling, premiere expense reporting software package for handheld devices. ExpensePlus is the most powerful, full-featured expense reporting package available for PDAs, yets features a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use graphical, colorful user interface.Track your expenses on your Palm, then send them to your custom expense report (or use one of ExpensePlus’ sample forms) via Microsoft Excel on your Windows or Macintosh computer (A Windows version is also available on a separate web page here at Handango). ExpensePlusVersion 1.2.4 is available now, including compatibility with the newest Tungsten models, Sony Clie NX and NZ devices, and other Palm 5.x devices. ExpensePlus also runs on Kyocera, Treos, Samsung and other Palm based smartphones. Current 1.0 through 1.2.3 registered users of ExpensePlus can upgrade at www.walletware.com. Details for upgrading are found on that website.Features: Auto-link to your company’s own custom expense report form or one of ours Expense reports are automatically generated during your HotSync sessions. You see your expense report appear in Excel on your screen automatically when you HotSync. No messy and labor-intensive import/export into a spreadsheet. ExpensePlus does this automatically for you! Don’t want your expense reports generating on every HotSync? Then turn off the ExpensePlus conduit as the default setting and turn it on only when you need it…it will shut itself off automatically after your HotSync. Mileage and odometer tracking. Remembers last odometer reading as your default first odometer reading for your next trip. ExpensePlus can automatically extract your mileage expenses and build a separate odometer/mileage report in Excel on your desktop during your HotSycn session. No manual export/import required! Currency conversion rates available for all countries. Select your own home country’s currency as the base currency, then pick which currency you used for each expense item. ExpensePlus shows all totals and subtotals in your own home currency automatically. Track expenses by each of your specific credit cards or other payment methods Distinguish between pre-paid or expenses paid directly by your employer (i.e. non-reimbursable) versus reimbursable expenses paid directly from your personal check, cash or credit card. ExpensePlus will automatically separate your business reimbursable expenses from your business non-reimbursable expenses automatically when it generates your expense reports. Track expenses by client, by job costing, profit center, or any other classification of your choice Drill-down capabilities on the handheld showing subtotals for expenses by client or job, by payment method, by expense category, expense type, or by specific dates or date ranges Sort by any field in ExpensePlus on your Palm Search for any group of expenses using multiple search criteria Enter all of personal and business information just once on your Palm and it will fill in the all the appropriate header fields of any expense report automatically. Tracks cash advances You can co-mingle your personal expenses along with your business reimbursable expenses. ExpensePlus will automatically separate them for you when generating your business expense reports. Click here to see some of the ‘sample’ expense reports that are automatically generated during your HotSync sessions! Color or gray-scale, icon-driven friendly user interface Try ExpensePlus free of charge to generate up to 2 expense reports before you buy it. But be warned: once you try it, you’ll be hooked! No other expense reporting software program offers so much power and features with such a simple, easy-to-use interface.Note: If you’re using Mac OSX 10.3, and if you’ve installed iSync 1.2, you’ll need to run a Mactinosh software patch program (click here for details) before you’ll be able to successfully install ExpensePlus’ conduit on your MacThis version supports Mac OS 9 and OS X and later. Palm Desktop 4.0 or later is required for this version. A separate version of ExpensePlus is available for older versions of the Mac OS (System 7 through 9) with older versions of Macintosh Palm Desktop software (versions 2.6.3 and earlier) at. A Windows version of ExpensePlus is also available. ExpensePlusHonors & Awards ExpensePlus was chosen as one of the “10 Must Have Palm Programs” by Mobile Computing Magazine in their August, 2001 issue. ExpensePlus was awarded the top “PalmTop Approved” honor for outstanding performance on handheld devices by the German language PalmTop Pro Magazine ExpensePlus earned 5 cows out of 5 cows from Tucows.com

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