Excellent Modes to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

Excellent Modes to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

Excellent Modes to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

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Home Page > Internet > SEO > Excellent Modes to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

Excellent Modes to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

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Posted: Dec 07, 2010 |Comments: 0


Adapting yourself for mobile search is an upcoming fame catching up the fire. Not only web designers and developers need it but many of the online business owners are focusing towards to change their tactics and plans to conquer the mobile search market. It is quite a growing market and that is a satisfying news for all who believe that mobility rocks. Despite all the facts we must get aware that mobile search is build up with its own set of rules and they are actually distinctive from the traditional desktop searching rules. And to show your visibility on mobile searches you need to follow the required patterns. So let’s take a look to some of the essential and excellent modes to optimize your website for mobile search.

1) Mobile Searchers Use Shorter Key phrases/Keywords
Shorter keywords or just keywords are searched more by the mobile users. The mobile devices crafted with QWERTY keyboards are also not appropriate enough to be used for typing long searched queries with few more keywords as mobile searchers prefer briefness when searching for any relative inquiries. The mobile search is often related to only one or two words therefore you need to rank well for shorter keywords else your website will miss the mobile traffic.

2) Mobile Search Is Mainly Local Search
Most of the mobile users prefer to search only local products or services and the searches are also locally targeted. Shorter the keywords more helpful it becomes to get the accurate results specially in the neighborhood rather than any other corner place. One of the most popular searches is “pizza 5th Avenue”, and these types of local searches are   quite important to focus on to get something similar like them.

3) Current Data Rules in Mobile Search
Some of the most popular mobile search categories are match updates, stock updates, news headlines, weather forecast. The main topics are limited but the mobile users do search for things when they are out and it can be categorized from dinning to saloons, from shopping to doctors’ clinic, these topics are much in demand and are related to location and timing. Therefore making your website mobile friendly is very important particularly when it connects with these types of data searches otherwise you’ll be losing lot of local profit.

4) In Mobile Search, Top 10 Is Actually Top 3
Mobile users never ever prefer to click next or even scroll down to look for other search results. On desktop one can easily click the next option to find the accurate and informative search result; therefore in mobile there is a greater limitation to search. So there is a big difference between the two, in a desktop search you can see as many as ten results whereas in a mobile the search result shrinks to top three or four. These top positioned websites attract the user’s attention and there is no chance to visit the next pages for results.

5) Promote Your Mobile-Friendly Site
It’s far more important to submit your website to all the major search engines mobile portals, and directories. Google and all the other great search engines are the best way to achieve the targeted visitors, or if you desire for more traffic you can try out better solutions like mobile search engines, mobile portals, and directories. The mobile resources bring huge traffic so if possible do try to build your connection on these mobile searches.

6) Follow Mobile Standards
If you consider that desktop internet search is somewhat similar to mobile search then you are mistaken. The mobile search maintains its own standards and is differently executed; therefore you must comply with them accordingly. You can check out the guidelines of W3C to gain the knowledge about mobile standards. Though your website will be listed in mobile search results even if it doesn’t abide with mobile standards and you’ll be shocked to conquer the results because it will be transcoded by the search engine. Transcode is a way to convert your site into a mobile format but unfortunately it is not done in a refined manner and thus the output is rotten.

7) Don’t Forget Meta.txt
Mentioning meta.txt is useful, it is a file where you concisely describe the contents of your site and the user agent needs to convert it to the most suitable version. Meta.txt and robot.txt are quite similar where robot.txt is for desktop search and it is somewhat familiar to meta tags because you can engrave the content in it. The search engine focuses on the meta.txt file and even if your website is not accessible it will surely be included in the search results. It is favored because of special quality to be analyzed by search engines as well as individuals.

8) No Long Pages for Mobile Searchers
Mobile users are short of time and they need shorter texts to read, so it’s better to use shorter texts instead of lengthy ones. Lengthy key phrases are never preferred by mobile users who search a lot on mobile. Thus it’s highly recommended to create a shorter mobile version of your site. Make sure that while creating shorter version you don’t try to skip the important keywords as they are essential for mobile search and never ever focus on too much keyword stuffing as well.

9) Predictive Search Is Popular With Mobile Searchers
Predictive searches are more popular on mobile so it’s better to use phrases. It is also quite popular with mobile searchers as it saves lot of time plus effort. And if you follow to design your keywords according to common predictive searches chances are that your website will be found more frequently by the mobile searchers. Following these predictive search terms is not so easy as they keep on changing from time to time but trying can result to desired success.  

10) Preview Your Site on Mobile Devices
Remember to preview your website and check how it appears on mobile devices. There are surplus amount of mobile devices with distinctive features and types of screen sizes. And checking your website on each of it is

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