Evolution of Desktop Computers and Invention of Mobile Computers

Evolution of Desktop Computers and Invention of Mobile Computers

Evolution of Desktop Computers and Invention of Mobile Computers

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Home Page > Computers > Evolution of Desktop Computers and Invention of Mobile Computers

Evolution of Desktop Computers and Invention of Mobile Computers

Posted: May 19, 2011 |Comments: 0


A desktop computer is a type of machine that is programmable and marketed for personal and tabletop use. This device is designed to be used at a single location and is not portable. In the early days, the computers used to be of big sizes. In the seventies these machines used to require whole rooms of empty space.

Over the years advancements in technology have led to the development of more sophisticated hardware, motherboards and other components. Today, the desktop computers come in a variety of models. There are over a hundred of different brands that offer consumers a score of different types of computers. There are complex ones that are designed for gaming and other quite simple ones that are geared more towards straight multitasking. In desktop computers, parts tend to be standardized which allows them to be cheaply made and sold. These devices are usually fifty percent less expensive than laptops. Desktop computer updates are considerably easier to install. These desktops come well equipped with the storage and memory that one needs. Many people love to download music and upload games that help them to relax and enjoy a weekend. One also has a lot of freedom when it comes to adding a new sound or video cards. If something happens with one’s new desktop then one can be assured that repairs can be done easily. With little investment one can easily fix the problem in desktop computers.

 Basically there are four areas of difference between laptops and desktop computers. The smallest, cheapest home laptops are designed basically for internet usage and are known as notebooks. They are not powerful but if it is to be used just for surfing the web then they are absolutely perfect. On the other hand high spec home laptops are generally more expensive than desktop computers but these expensive machines are designed generally for running complex applications.

 When it comes to size, home laptops are the better option. Desktops require a dedicated desk space, usually feature a separate screen, mouse and keyboard and are not easy to move around. Laptops on the other hand are quite versatile and space efficient. One can set them up almost anywhere and can also take them along while traveling. In terms of performance, one will always get more for one’s money with a desktop. Their larger size allows for more power and more memory while providing the space for open architecture that is not often found in laptop computers. Almost all desktop machines offer the option of added extras.

 Thus there are distinct advantages and disadvantages of both forms of computer. Desktops offer higher technical specifications for one’s money and allow one to upgrade but take a lot of room and don’t travel well. On the other hand home laptops are quite flexible space savers. The most basic models are very cheap but they are still far more expensive than desktop machines. After weighing all the factors against one’s personal needs, one can decide which type of computer is right for him to buy.

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