eValid Version 9 Multiplies Capacities for Complex Web Application Testing


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2009

Software Research, Inc. announced a major new release of its eValid™ Website Test & Analysis Suite: eValid Version 9.

With an already rich feature set, eValid V9 expanded its features for testing complex web applications with: comprehensive DOM-element motion commands; an enhanced programmatic interface to most eValid commands and browser actions; and advanced DOM-based AJAX synchronization support.

This version offers major changes, including complete DOM manipulation support for data read/write operations, revised pricing, incorporation of the EPI feature as a standard feature in the WebMaster Bundle, continued DBCS support in the International Edition, cloud-computing support, and web-authenticated commercial license options to make life easier for third-party software testing firms.

In addition, the new release includes: new support to create “lite” (HTTP based) playbacks; commands to support testing of load balancers; new commands to support RIA monitoring data collection; and, available data converters to support standard network monitoring engines such as Hyperic, Zenoss, Nagios, GroundWork, and others.

“The new eValid V9 release adds a lot of capacity to an already powerful web application testing suite, and helps make eValid an industry standard for real-world web testing. And it does not make a difference whether you are running test applications for telecom, finance, healthcare, or the infrastructure for the railway or the restaurant business,” said Edward Miller, President of Software Research. “Testimonials, frustrations, and suggestions from web application professionals in different segmants of the industry have made it abundantly clear that it is necessary to test the deep inner workings of a browser to reveal why a web application is failing. Approximations from the desktop do not work and never have. We have been quietly working on expanding the testing capacities to run directly from inside the browser, for the resulting ease-of-use and for the general benefit of this community. By amplifying the test capabilities inside the eValid browser-based test engine this new V9 release meets these expectations directly,” Miller concluded.

About the eValid Suite

General Description

eValid is a test-enabled web browser supporting Windows 2000/XP/Vista. eValid V9 license bundles are available for Application Monitoring, Functional Testing/Validation, Test Programming, Regression Testing, Server Loading, Performance Testing and Site Analysis.

The eValid International Edition supports DBCS and foreign-language environments.

Evaluation copies of eValid V9 are available from the eValid V9 Evaluation Download. Pricing for product features starts at 5. Complete information about eValid is found at: www.e-valid.com.


As a solution base for web browser enabled application testing, eValid offers a number of advantages:

Patented Technology: A unique patented technology for web application analysis and testing.

Validation Modes: Comprehensive methods for detailed page validation, including internal DOM validation.

Accurate Measurement: Very accurate timing of page and component behavior, including AJAX applications.

Ease-of-Use: The fastest, easiest, most trouble-free way to test any web application.

Monitoring Standard: The de facto standard for monitoring web application performance and durability.

Wide User Base: The most widely used in-browser solution available.

Excellent ROI: Very good Return On Investment (ROI) because unit-costs of eValid licenses are low.

Low TCO: Very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because eValid is easy to deploy and extremely easy to use.


eValid applications include the following major areas:

Functional/Regression Testing: To provide test support for advanced AJAX-style web applications that rely on heavy use of XML, JavaScript, with multi-window support.

Application Monitoring: To support “monitoring mode” repeated playback of a test to confirm web application operation. Our latest audits of eValid Monitoring Mode operations show that eValid users are collectively running over 20,000,000 tests per month.

Server Loading: To provide realistic server loading capability by running large numbers of eValid browsers simultaneously, coordinated to operate in multiple machines.

Site Analysis: To provide detailed scanning and analysis of complete websites for quality assurance and comparative analysis purposes.

International Edition: Full support for non-English, DBCS (unicode) OS environments and all Windows plug-in language sets.

About Software Research, Inc.

Software Research, Inc. has been at the forefront of technology innovations and has assisted thousands of users worldwide to produce higher quality software. Large corporations and the public sector — insurance, telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, many other industrial, educational and government institutions — have counted on its services and automation tools to manage information technology and web applications reliably; to complete enterprise critical tasks and to test their product offering before release.

Founded in 1985 as a consulting and services organization, Software Research was the pioneer in Software Testing and Quality Assurance, bringing the TestWorks product line to market in 1985. It was the first integrated automated testing solution for the client server environment. Today, Software Research remains at the forefront of innovative testing solution with the patented eValid Suite, the test-enabled web browser, to support automation requirements for the quality, reliablility and performance of a variety of web-based applications.

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