Essentials of IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition V7.9: Scanning Web Services

IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition is an industry-leading Web application security testing tool that scans and tests for all common Web application vulnerabilities – such as SQL-injection, cross-site scripting and buffer overflow. Rational AppScan Standard Edition significantly reduces costs associated with manual vulnerability testing and helps to protect against the threat of cyber-attack by automating security analysis to detect exploitable vulnerabilities. IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition enables you to build security features into every application designed for online deployment. The software automates Web application security testing—including outsourced, individual scans and enterprise-wide analysis—for virtually all types of users, including application developers, quality assurance (QA) teams, penetration testers, security auditors and senior management. It offers virtually unmatched extensibility, visibility and control for security, compliance and penetration testers, while its root cause identification and communication features provide developers with proof of issues discovered and a list of clear fix recommendations. This video is an excerpt from the Essentials of IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition V7.9 Self-Paced Virtual Classroom (SPVC) training course. After completing this module, you will be able to describe what a Web service is and how they work. You will be able to identify the security risks that Web services face. You will also be able