Entertainment Engineering Magazine content management by Totera Web Design (testimonial)

“Totera helps us create a better magazine.” Terry Persun, Co-Founder and Editor, Entertainment Engineering Magazine At Entertainment Engineering, we cover technological advancements in the entertainment industry. Anything that happens behind the scenes in movies, theme parks, racing—we consider it the cool stuff. We deliver interesting, technology-oriented content through a monthly online magazine, as well as eNewsletter announcements, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, PDF downloads, and even print-on-demand magazine formats–all with the help of simplified content support systems from Totera. We like to think of it as using the latest technology systems to deliver technology information. Without a partner like Totera, there’s no way we could keep up with the wide availability of ways to deliver content. At Entertainment Engineering, our website “is” our business–and Totera worked with us to build exactly what we needed. Our readers include engineers and engineering professionals from a wide variety of markets–from medical to automotive and from semiconductor to construction. These readers receive the magazine for free, and because the content is interesting and exciting, we have a targeted and active readership. Advertisers who wish to reach these readers pay for the space through all the avenues available online, including traditional display advertising as well as banners and social media. Each month, our Entertainment Engineering editors create over 50 new pages of content