Enterprise Search Application Importance in Business

Enterprise Search Application Importance in Business

Enterprise Search Application Importance in Business

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Home Page > Business > Management > Enterprise Search Application Importance in Business

Enterprise Search Application Importance in Business

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Posted: Jun 17, 2010 |Comments: 0


Enterprise Search is basically related to search technology application to get information reside with in the organizations. The result comes from the organization and it will view publicly.                                                                        

Basically there are two types of enterprise search one is called web search and another is desktop search. The main task of enterprise search to presents the result from various sources like document management systems, file systems, emails, intranet, filesite and database etc. Each business organization want to provide better services to their client and enterprise search is one of the key for business to provide the result for the customer in a quick way by a single query search. The large enterprise organization always uses this application for managing their business workflow.

It is very helpful in business process management because in an organization there are so many file systems and document resides and to get a particular data or file from the system is a very difficult task and this issue can easily solve by this application. It is quite similar to universal search used by Google and other search engine.

This application used very frequently in all most all domains like Business, Travel, Shopping, Software etc. In business domain it used to maintain the document and records for find data in a quick way. If we discuss about shopping it is used to present the products by a single query search. In travel case it is used to provide the particular package or services needed by their customer in a easy way.

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Peter Disuja
About the Author:

We are providing enterprise search application from last 20 years to maintaining the business with document management workflow. We always focus to provide excellent services to our client with our skills and solutions.


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