Enhance tax preparation with Hosted ATX Software

Enhance tax preparation with Hosted ATX Software

Enhance tax preparation with Hosted ATX Software

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Enhance tax preparation with Hosted ATX Software

Enhance tax preparation with Hosted ATX Software

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Posted: Nov 19, 2010 |Comments: 0


As tax season is approaching, many financial professionals have started looking for Tax preparation software which can ease their work pressure and help them to get the things done in time. ATX software is one of the software which can enhance their tax preparation practices. But there are many finance professionals who are not aware that ATX tax software can work better in a hosted environment. It means that there is no need to install it on local desktop instead of that ATX Tax application can be hosted in a cloud environment and can be locally accessed and operated as a local desktop while browsing through internet. There will not be any difference in operating ATX tax application.


It comes up with a lot of advantages to those people who wish to have access to their application and data from all across the globe at any point of time as per their wish. It also removes the requirement of investing hefty amount in IT infrastructure to operate the program and get it collaborated with tax preparers. It ensures high level collaboration for the ATX application users.

Who can go for ATX Software Hosting?

Professional who should go for ATX tax application hosting includes:-


Professionals who do not want to invest their capital in IT infrastructure such as local servers or setting up network to operate the ATX application within the firm.
Tax preparers who want to collaborate with their peers and clients regarding tax preparation process.
People who have concerns regarding the data security and fear that data is not secured enough if stored locally.
Tax preparers who cannot afford to haven IT technicians.

Getting ATX hosted on cloud environment provides enormous advantage to the tax preparer enabling the Tax preparer to use ATX Software more efficiently. Some of the benefits are:-

Saves time in tax returns:- Hosted ATX software can help the tax preparer to utilize his time in a better way. Tax preparer takes less time to file more returns in lesser time. Its because of real time collaboration and effective sharing of the information and data through cloud hosting. Multi-User collaboration can reduce the time spent and transportation charges but at the same time application can be accessed from anywhere at any time by the financial professional and the clients. So eliminates the requirement to meet the client to share the files and data.

Improve features of ATX Software: Features of ATX tax software improves in the hosted environment. Usage of many add-ons and specialized applications like Scan and Fill document manager enhances the functionality of ATX software. Easy integration between the add ons and ATX tax software reduce the data filling time as both of these applications can be hosted in the cloud environment.

Support Forms and Functions: ATX supports many forms and other features only locally available in case desktop bases application access is preferred. As these are located on the central database in Hosted environment enables the user to access ATX software from anywhere whenever required.


Benefits provided by application hosting service provider:-


Regular Data Backup: Application hosting service provider enables the user with more secured data access and backup as they host ATX software on terminal servers in cloud environment. Service provider takes the daily backup of the data at multiple locations which ensures data recovery in case of disaster which is not possible in case of restoring the data on the local desktop. Data stored in the network can only be accessed by the authenticated person as it is password protected and monitored online for security threat.

Dedicated Technical support:- Cloud computing services provider enables the ATX tax software users to have 24*7*365 technical support in case of any issues. It removes the requirement of hiring local IT technicians as well as reduces the cost of software installation. Application hosting service provider upgrades the software from time to time.


Integration with other applications with ATX software:- A thorough financial professional would like to integrate his financial application with ATX application. It will help him to import required data to ATX software which is stored on different financial applications saving his time and money. This integration or collaboration is very much possible in hosted environment. Any application, be it CRM like ACT or Accounting software like Quickbooks allows easy integration in a hosted environment.


High Uptime:- Application service provider ensures 100% uptime on the virtual servers. Providers invest huge amount of capital and resources for real time network monitoring as well as hires excellent troubleshooters which cannot be affordable for a financial firm in case they want to survive in the cut edge competitive environment. As Application hosting service provider provides the services on sharing basis they manage to invest on these resources.

Cost Effectiveness: – While going for hosted ATX software, a financial professional can save a lot of cost. The professional is required to have subscription based hosted services. So eliminates the requirement to invest in IT infrastructure and IT technicians. Hosted services are not only available on demand and scalable as per the user requirement but these are also available on monthly subscription where the person is not bounded with the services and can leave it any time in case he is not satisfied.


All in all hosting ATX software in cloud environment is

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