EmbiMEDIA and Timeforcake Release Summit County Business Directory


FRISCO, CO (PRWEB) June 10, 2004

EmbiMEDIA and Timeforcake Creative Media released a new online business directory for Summit County, Colorado. The directory will be a useful tool because it allows local merchants and residents to list their own businesses and organizations free of charge. Furthermore, registered site visitors are allowed to modify their listings at any time and can track how many visitors have clicked on the URL associated with their own business listing.

“After looking around at other directories for the area, I was disappointed to find that most required payment for a listing, only listed businesses with a web address, or were provided by some web developers who only listed companies that were clients,” noted Mike Brittain, owner of EmbiMEDIA, who designed and programmed the new directory. “Erin Pheil [of Timeforcake Creative Media] and I felt we should provide a non-exclusive resource for the community that would be a benefit for all businesses in our area.”

The Summit County Business Directory was developed using current web standards that help to provide a clean, fast, and consistent experience among all modern web browsers. The Summit County Business Directory can be found online at http://www.summitdirectory.com/ .

EmbiMEDIA, LLC (http://www.embimedia.com) provides web site design, Internet advertising, search engine promotion, and web application development services in Summit County, Colorado.

Timeforcake Creative Media, Inc. (http://www.timeforcake.com) provides creative services including design for flyers, posters, and logos, website design and development, animation, and development of interactive CD-ROMs.