eLert Gadget is Launched – a New Revoloution in Communication?


Sandown, IOW (PRWEB) August 2, 2007

According to the clever people behind eLert Gadget: “it is set to change the way we send and receive important information through Google’s Desktop software.”

Communicating via email is getting more difficult and less efficient by the day, no doubt about that.

When headlines such as ‘Email backlash in U.S. as users return to the telephone’ start appearing in the mainstream press and stars are saying: “I am so far behind on email that I am declaring bankruptcy,” there’s trouble in the offing.

The problems associated with spam, junk and unwanted advertising are finally, and painfully suffocating this method of communication …

The future of email appears to be bleak, very bleak.

$Billions upon $billions have been spent as a result of, and trying to combat junk mail and spam advertising. Companies have explored absolutely every avenue, side street and back alley in an effort to clean up the problem.

Just looking at an average working day, we turn on the computer and spend the first part of our valuable time sifting through the junk that got through the filters to the inbox, and then sorting through the junk folder to retrieve the good stuff that got wrongly junked.

‘But it no longer has to be this way!’ Is the promise on the eLert Gadget website, now being promoted as a ‘Revolution in Communication’.

Developed in conjunction with Google desktop, eLert gadget aims to deliver the important information users desire whilst allowing publishers to get their essential messages across.

Practically anyone who has significant bytes of information can directly communicate with Google Desktop user through a simple publisher’s interface.

There are tens of millions of Google Desktop users who enjoy all the benefits and features it offers. Google have also added the ability to add extra features to their desktop known as gadgets but until now, creating a Google gadget to integrate with the desktop was either the domain of clever programmers or costly web developers.

With the launch of this new technology, webmasters, authors and publishers of essential information are able to communicate instantly and efficiently with Google Desktop users while eLert Gadget promises to eliminate the problems associated with conventional email?

Elerts are also automatically published in the increasingly popular RSS format further widening the exposure for publishers. The new generation of mobile phones are being equipped with RSS readers, making Google eLerts truly global. Users are also able to add any RSS feed to the eLert Gadget making it a global tool.

People are able to choose the publishers of interest and grant them permission to contact them. As there are no open avenues of communication, users are not vulnerable to abuse and indiscriminate mailings from spammers, a refreshing turnaround from the mechanics of email.

According to Paul Tranter of Business Development: “You’ll never see user ids for sale by the million – you simply can’t contact a user without their compliance; they no longer have to delete the junk … they just don’t allow it in the first instance.”

This has many major benefits, all of which will ensure this becomes the new way for popular publishers to communicate with subscribers. eLerts could be notifications of a latest newsletter update, it could be letting people know of an upcoming seminar or webinar, it could be hot tips from a valuable gaming service, or could be as important as schools eLerting parents of their children’s non attendance … publishers are more secure in the knowledge that their message is actually getting through.”

But the most exciting innovation is the eLibrary: This will allow any visitor to subscribe to an information service of their choosing from a vast selection of topics.

Every user manages their eLerts through The eLibrary browsing and subscribing to anything of interest and if an information service ticks the right boxes, it can be added to a gadget at the click of a mouse.

Each publisher will receive feedback from their subscribers, Developers programmed this as a safeguard to maintain quality. They widely promote the fact that if a publisher does not comply with the high quality information ethics, they will be highlighted and remedial action will be taken. “So watch out Junk mailers!” says Paul Tranter.

It appears that a massive eLert Gadget Community is growing: millions of discerning users and thousands of publishers all using The eLibrary and elerts.

The question is not ‘If’ Google eLert Gadget Will change the face of information delivery but … ‘how quickly?’

For a full evaluation visit http://www.elertgadget.com

Paul tranter can be contacted on press @ elertgadget.com

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