DueDate 1.3

DueDate 1.3
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is a useful application to store and organize your birthdays, anniversaries and any important events co-operate with built-in datebook, addressbook and ToDo features. Features: Import events automatically DueDate can scan all addressbook records and determine the record types (birthday, anniversary or any custom types) automatically. You can also store the events into datebook or ToDo. You can enter repeat and alarm features in datebook and priority and categories in ToDo applications. During the import event, you can choose bypass, overwrite or add records depend on your situation. Private record Support Palm built-in private records to hide your confidential records in DueDate. You can set the same private features of addressbook records while import from addressbook Categorizes as addressbook categories When DueDate imports events from addressbook automatically, it will duplicate addressbook categories those are not exists in DueDate. It will helop you to organize events that are related to addressbook records more efficiently. Multiple record types Besides duplication of addressbook categories, DueDate allows you to create 8 additional custom types. You can use them to create business events, public holidays and vacations, etc. Combined with default 3 record types (birthday, anniversary and others), you can categorizes up to 11 record types. Manage datebook and ToDo records within DueDate DueDate allows you to add, edit and delete datebook and ToDo records within DueDate. You can edit the descriptions and characteristics of these records stored in datebook and ToDo without existing DueDate. It helps you to tracks any datebook and ToDo records created in DueDate. Occurrence of events DueDate will automatically calculate the occurrence of events, the remain days of next coming events and the past days of last events. You are allowed to display occurrence, remaining days and pasting days. Resizable columns You can resize the widths of three columns of list table to let you view more information. Advance sorting Sorted by event title (names and description), date, occurrence, remaining days and pasting days in ascending or descending order. Intelligence search Highlighted the matched record. User-friendly interface Graphically interface help you memorize functions easier.v1.3Bug fix in date sorting when the dates are no year values.Add one more date sorting algorithm to provide two date sorting types : sort in date without year and sort in date with year. User can select it in date column.v1.2Add expoert to memo: selects any DueDate categories and record types to export to Memo.Users can edit the title of exported memo.Users can choose existing memo categories as memo destination.Users can select output date format and time format.Users can set the private status of exported memo.Bug fix in release resources while import addressbook categories.v1.1Add import addressbook category: selects any addressbook category or all categories while imports from addressbook.Minor Bugs fixed.

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