Download YanCEyWare Tangrams Puzzle Pack 1 2.01

YanCEyWare Tangrams Puzzle Pack 1 2.01
Category: Miscellaneous Home Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


This is expansion Puzzle Pack 1 for use with YanCEyWare Tangrams. This puzzle pack contains 100 additional puzzles.Please note that there is nothing to install with this purchase. The puzzle packs are installed as part of the YanCEyWare Tangrams freeware installation. What you are purchasing is a registration code that will give you access to the puzzles in Puzzle Pack 1. The freeware version of YanCEyWare Tangrams must be installed before you can register puzzle pack 1.When all 3 retail puzzle packs have been registered, you will have access to YanCEyWare Tangram’s Custom Puzzle Pack Feature. This feature allows you to create an unlimited number of custom puzzle packs, or use custom puzzle packs created by others.If you wish to register all 3 puzzle packs in one convenient transaction, please purchase the YanCEyWare Tangrams 3-Pack Puzzle Pack instead.

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