Download Writing On Your Palm Second Edition

Writing On Your Palm Second Edition
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If you want to capture your inspiration the moment the muse whacks you in the head while still being able to go back and edit later to your heart’s content, this book is for you.If you want to have the advantages of writing in the computer age while still keeping touch with the Zen of pen and paper writing, this book is for you.If you want to dazzle your coworkers by emailing out the meeting minutes before a lot of your coworkers get back from the water cooler, well, yeah, this book is for you, too.In short, this book is for anyone who wants to write more effectively using a Palm device.In it, you will find:The basics of using a Palm computer, from which batteries to use to which styli are most comfortable to Must Have software for every Palm owner.How to overclock (speed up) your Palm and why you should never do this.The many different ways of entering text. Graffiti is just the beginning.Which text editors are available, and which one is best suited to the way you write.How to find and use tools like text formatters, spell checkers and outliners.Which eText formats are available on the Palm, and how to write for them.All the different eBook readers for the Palm.How other people use Palm computers for writing.This eBook is an expansion of and companion to my Writing On Your Palm website. The eBook comes in Open E-Book format, a derivative of HTML and XML. It’s readable in 4.0 browsers, and is easily convertible (via the included instructions) to your choice of iSilo, RichReader, MobiBook and Doc formats.

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