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VeloSSD 2012
Category: File Management
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: EliteBytes


SSD caching with VeloSSD from EliteBytes delivers the free scalable and cost effective software solution to catapult your Windows environment from HDD to SSD speeds. Also minimizes cost for SSD storage. Compatibility ranges from XP 32 Bit to Server R2 64 Bit. SSD caching uses solid state drives (SSDs) to improve the performance of hard disk drives (HDDs) drastically. VeloSSD2012 is a persistent, hardware-independent SSD cache for Windows. Professional and private IT environments worldwide are under intense pressure to capital and operating cost savings as well as providing the best possible performance. With the improved performance you can serve more users with fewer servers, saving capital and operating costs. The end user experience gets improved through the faster system behaviors. The product is available in 4 Editions ranging from entry level up to High End professional Level. There is also a free downloadable trial available from: There are no capacity limits for the cache itself or the host volumes. During operation, one senses a drastic acceleration of applications and operating system. The software runs automatically in the background and requires no maintenance. Multicore CPUs are supported to enable maximum I/O throughput. SSD devices themselves can be used in RAID configurations to combine their I/O power. Several host Volumes can be cached with one SSD Volume. The installation is done very simply and quickly. Setup and application are available in many languages.

What’s new in this version: Version has increased massive performance and resolved stability issues.

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