Download TimeSage Free 2.2.3

TimeSage Free 2.2.3
Category: Project Management Software
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: Microsys


TimeSage is a tool for general time recording, tracking hours worked on different projects. It aims to make creation, usage, and management of projects with attached time sheets / tables, and notes, as fast, easy, and free-style capable as possible. Time clock start and stop can be done from system tray. Time entries in the time sheets can also be manually filled, reordered.

Time spanning across midnight days are handled automatically. Overlapping time entries are detected. Includes time tracking graphs and statistics. Rich options for import and export of time sheets in CSV, XML, and HTML. Multi-user support over LAN supported.

What’s new in this version: Version 2.2.3 has some minor improvements regarding printing and grid behavior.

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