Download The Networking eLibrary (Reader) 1.00

The Networking eLibrary (Reader) 1.00
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Did you know that networking referrals generate 80% more results than cold calls, that between 70-80% of all jobs are filled through networking and that anyone you want to contact in the world is only five to six people contacts away from you!This eLibrary outlines the steps involved in effective networking and in relationship building. It will help you improve your influencing skills, develop your negotiation skills and enhance your communication and presentation skills.The Management Pocketbooks included in this eLibrary cover personal development and are themselves excellent self-development tools. They have been written by well-known trainers and management consultants who know how to get their point across in a style that will help understanding and reinforce learning. Buy this book bundle and receive 6 eBooks for the price of 5! The titles include: The Networking Pocketbook This book details the four steps that lead to effective networking and relationship building, the aptly named LINK (learning, investing, nurturing and keeping) process. The Influencing Pocketbook This book examines influencing styles, how to establish rapport, dealing with different personalities, handling resistance and crucially, getting a decision. The Business Presenter’s Pocketbook This book is packed full of useful tips and techniques for planning, structuring and delivering a polished presentation. A good starting point for the inexperienced and a quickly assimilated refresher course for the more experienced. It also covers: overcoming nerves, handling audience questions, and making the message memorable. The Communicator’s PocketbookThis book discusses how difficult it is to be an effective communicator and argues that it is the single most important part of a manager’s role. Many of us think we are good at communicating – it’s all those people who don’t listen that are the problem! Discusses the dynamics of communication, how to be effective, likely barriers, styles of communication and technology at work. The Cross-Cultural Business PocketbookThis book is for anyone doing business outside his or her country, whether it involves attending or organising a multinational conference, making a presentation to a group of managers from different countries, or being relocated abroad. Starting with a look at culture and its effects on working behaviour, the book then reviews ways of developing communication skills across the culture gap. Finally there is a section of specific material covering: Europe, the Arab world and North America.The Marketing PocketbookThis book asks you if you know why your customers buy from you and where your product fits in the market place? Marketing should not be the province of a single department; it needs to involve the whole organisation. Outlines market research, marketing strategy, planning, marketing mix and tactics.

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