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THE MOVIE COLLECTIONis a program which allows you to look over a handy database of the movies and includes basic details, like director’s name, actresses, actors, screen aspects and sounds effects. Also you have the ability to view images of covers from disc boxes.THE MOVIE COLLECTION allows to look over a list of titles, list of selected titles and details of particular titles. There is available easy filtering or searching and additionally there is option to add a new title and image (see details in Screens Page). THE MOVIE COLLECTION is a successor of our first “collection” software: DVD COLLECTION. We decided to change the name, because (for the reason that?) there are not only movies that are available on DVD but many more also important. Movies that everyone likes to watch… and still waits for DVD editions.THE MOVIE COLLECTION helps you to find answersfor interest quizes of your mind:How old is Apocalypse Now?In which movies have Schwarzenneger and Paxton played together?What was the serious movie’s title (not a comedy) where an actor Leslie Nielsen played?or for usual, some day, questions: What else movies I need to watch with Siqourney Weaver? How many times I spend to watch next part of Rambo? Have I saw sixteenth movie of James Bond?THE MOVIE COLLECTION includes a range of titles (more then 500 for start-up), allows to look over titles for a lot of reason ideas.Just for example:From the oldest one…Metropolis(1926)…to the newest oneTom Raider(2001)From the shortest one…Death Race(78 min.)…to the longest oneGone With A Wind(233 min.)From the scarest one…Psycho(by A. Hitchcock)… and more, more…… up to the most “well-know”?informationFunctions of Full-Feature Version 4.4. pre-built more then 520 titles with covers unlimited number of additional titles, written by User browsing through list of all titles or selected browsing through a title detail within all titles or selected browsing through covers within all titles or selected individual searching for a pre-defined titles, names, genres fast and easy “one tap” User’s check-points free upgrades to next versions and technical support by emailRestrictions in Demo Version 4.0. pre-built only 25 titles with covers no individual additional titles are possible no individual check-points are possible (memorized)Requirements: any Pocket PC device any processor: ARM, MIPS, SH Pocket Internet Explorer free 6.600kB of disk space on desktop/notebook computer (temporary and depend from installation options) free 320kB of memory plus 3.900kB of memory in instalation placeAvailable files:TMC44FULL_MIPS.exe 5.460kB (for all MIPS processor, Aero, Casiopeia)TMC44FULL_ARM.exe 5.460kB (for all ARM and S-ARM processor, iPaq)TMC44FULL_SH3.exe 5.460kB (for all SH… processor, Jordana)Note: THE MOVIE COLLECTION is free upgradable for registered users of DVD COLLECTION. Please email to: jguippc@europe.comPlease read all descriptions and look over all screens,on the following Home Page: MOVIE COLLECTION was created with a loving to the movies and the World of Cinema. We hope that used images of covers do not infringe any rights or royalties, but only popularize the art of motion pictures. Copyright 2001 JGUI FOR POCKETPC. All rights reserved.

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