Download Shadow Plan for Handheld Only 4.3.1

Shadow Plan for Handheld Only 4.3.1
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Platform: mobile
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This page is for the handheld application only. If you want the handheld application and desktop bundle, go here.3.0 October 2003A significant update across the board in terms of ease of use; if youhave a Tungsten T|T3 or Sony UX-50 or Garmin, you definately want thisupdate to take advantage of your fancy screens. The desktop includes a newtabbed interface to make it easier to use. Shadow now has its own alarmsubsystem, a handy list launcher and shortcut making tool is included, andlots of new tools to make using and navigating your data much faster!High Resolution Screenshot here!Define and save custom filters – some of the most powerful filteringavailable on Palm OS!Define and save multiple layouts and viewsInfinite item categorization.. gone are the days when you could onlyput one category (“tag”) on an item, and have only a few categories. Whynot define as many as you want?Built in alarm systemAutomatic importing from To Do and Datebook!Create shortcut applications to load specific lists, for organizing inyour launcher or hard buttonsSupport for memory stick, secure digital cads, etc etc.Brilliant display support; Sony highres, Handera, Dana widescreen,Palm highres; full screen virtual grafitti on all units, portrait orlandscape!International support on desktop! (handheld always had it) Font Bucket support in the handheld! (in addition to built in fonts) New custom column, Days until Due! This column is enabled through the Custom list view system. Global pref to cause linked items to contain the filename and Shadow hierarchy leading to itA new Windows desktop application and true synchronizing conduit! Both Mac and Unix versions are in public beta and coming along File operations popup menus on file screen; Changing categories is asnap! On-screen mini editor so you can edit while seeing your list! New graphical button bar; pretty and more bang for your buck! Recent files popup allows you to jump arond without going to file selection screen. Remembers up to 10 recently visited lists! Maybe the most customizable Palm OS application around? Items now able to be any type they want (even Custom type) When jumping to a linked application you can now jump back! Can control linked todo categories from within Shadow Can automatically link items to ToDo if you like Beaming files to other Shadow users More keyboard support through-out Sort level by level as well as whole list as beforeSupport for multiple files with linking between!Expand and collapse items, notes and links onscreen.. something you won”t find in other apps, thats for sure! Super customizable views and display modes Built in views: Checklist, Tasklist, Notes, and Flat View; build yourown! Drag and Drop to move items around Powerful single and multi-item clipboard Link to ToDo, Datebook, Address and Memo databases, with more tocome! Sort by any criterion Filter and Hilight lists Zoom into sublevels to keep deep levels visible Syncronized link to ToDo and Datebook.. Very flexible auto-numbering and auto-bulleting Import and Export (even as HTML!) via Memos, DOCs, XML, more! Colour support for emphasis, searches, and clarification The best support available — email the author, or join mailing lists and web forums Lots of other things; ran out of space here 🙂

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