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ScriptRiter 1.0
Category: Health & Fitness Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


1. This applet was written for physicians to be used by physicians who own HanDBase and PocketReport (with HanDBase add-on). The applet is designed to print prescriptions using the IR port of the Palm. Pre-designation of “favored” medications can be assigned. The applet allows for maintenance of commonly used prescriptions which then can be filtered by disease category, MD, or order and then “flagged” or marked for later printing to the memopad or printer using PocketReport. Limitations of the application are solely those of HanDBase and PocketReport. Forethought has been taken to facilitate movement between records in a logical fashion on the Palm Pilot. 2. The applet allows the following:* Refer to a drug list of 329 Medications or add more* Establish favorite categories to allow for easy access* Included with registered versions is the script for PocketReport to print to memopad or directly through IR port to printer* Signature field (presently unable to print with PocketReport)3. Eleven pages of documentation.4. Only $2.50!

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