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SalesWarrior 2.7
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Proactively plan and conqueryour future sales.Youve already invested in a very powerful tool, a Treo smartphone, to reach out and dial someone with ease, navigate through your daily tasks (calendar, ToDos), and tap into your email while on the go. How about taking the next step, and layering in an application thatll make it easy to track the details of every step of the sales cycle and more? What SalesWarrior Can Do for You:Tailored for one-handed operation (via your Treos D-pad), Sales Warrior makes it easy for you to capture leads and take action. It also provides an ?at-a-glance? view of your sales activities as well as helpful statistics. In brief, Sales Warrior lets you:List all of your sales opportunities and activities in one placeSort sales data by account, open date, stage of sale, source, etc.Gain quick access to helpful statistics such as sales for the month, the number of sales opportunities opened or closed, how close you are to your sales quota, and your projected commission.Drill down further — filtering the data by specific category Designed for the busy sales professionalFeaturing intuitive controls and a straightforward interface, Sales Warrior lets you dramatically leverage the convenience of your Treo (or other Palm OS-based mobile device), to track sales opportunities, leads and referrals, as well as store important information like actual sales, prices, costs, profits and commissions. Plus, adding notes and reminders on the fly, is a snap!It even contains handy tools to help you calculate price, tax and commission and figure out the probability of closing the sale. It also has a way to factor in competitive bids.Complete Sales OverviewGet numbers such asYour sales for the monthSales opportunities that are openSales opportunities that are closedHow much will you exceed sales quotaYour projected commission total and income for the periodYour estimated profitView the number of sales with no probability of occurring or those with a much higher probability, based on the stage of development.Advanced Sorting CapabilitiesSort sales opportunities for a quick view of your accounts, stage of sale, open date, competition, etc. This is a great way to further organize, view, and report your data. Opportunity Screen As sales opportunities occur,you can capture detailed information such as:Name of the sales accountItem or service for the sale Quantity of items sold Sales Price of item or serviceCost of item or service with a Part NumberProfit to be madeStage of saleOpen and close date of sale Probability of sale occurringSource of saleCompetition for saleSales TaxAlarm associated with a saleAnd most importantly, your sales commission! Opportunity Header By adjusting the column headers, you can view sales opportunities in a variety of different ways. See or hide views such as Account, Stage, Open Date, Source, Competition, and Product.You can also view the Total, Commission, or Profit for each sales opportunity. Sortby account, stage, open date, ascending or descending order. Account fieldThe Account field is for entering the name of the person or company for a sale opportunity. With SalesWarrior, you can take advantage of your existing address book to make this a simple process. Custom fieldRename custom checkboxes to better define your sales process. Stage fieldEvery sales process is a series of steps or stages. The Stage field lets you definesales prospects in terms of its steps; for example, Suspect, Qualified Prospect, Demo, etc.Items listThe Item drop-down list provides a handy reference of all the products and services that youare currently selling. Sales notesMake copious notes concerning the current sale entry.Bar codes and part numbersBy tapping the Miscellaneous box in the Item screen, you can add a Part Number and Bar code to individual sales items.Alarm settingsEach opportunity entry has an option to set an alarm reminderthat will alert you when you next need to act on that prospect. Weighted calculationsSalesWarrior quickly and easily determines weighted sums from your sales data. Compute weighted totals, commissions, and profits to see if you are on track to meet your sales quota!Integration with desktop/PDA PIMsAll entries in your Address Book can be accessed bySalesWarrior, so you can integrate that information with the sales opportunities you hope to obtain.

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