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SafeCracker 21.3
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Safecrackeris a game of logic with the following premise: You are a thief. You have been given (by an extraterrestrialcivilization, by the British Secret Service, or by whom every else you’d like toimagine) a special machine to help you open safes. Unfortunately, this device is an economy model. It does not display the entire combination,but merely gives you clues to help you deduce the combination.To openthe safe you must correctly guess its three-digit combination. All ten digits (0 – 9) are valid, but nosingle digit can be repeated (e.g. 083 is a valid combination, but 171 is not). After every guess at the combination themachine will give you clues to help you deduce the correct combination insubsequent guesses.Theclues given consist of two numbers:PLACE and NUMBER. NUMBER meansyou have a correct digit to the combination, but you have shown it in the wrongplace. PLACE means that the number iscorrect and that it is in the correct position. The “trick” is that the program does not tell you which digitsthe clues relate to, so you must use multiple guesses to figure it out. Andthis is the straightforward way to play the game — SafeCrackeralso has a couple of user-selectable options that can make it even more challenging to play….

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