Download R10Cipher 5.0

R10Cipher 5.0
Category: Encryption Software
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: Arten Science


Who is it for? For Individuals. For Businesses. For You. For Me. For Mum and Dad. For Professionals. For Teachers. For Journalists. For Executives. For Everybody. Because our privacy and security are important.

What’s new in this version: Complete Redesign for Simplicity and Ease of UseOptimised for Speed and EfficiencycuteCipher Functionality Integrated14 Days Trial AvailableNew Serial NumberKeyboard Shortcuts to Speak, Save Text File, Open Text File and PrintRevert to PreviousPrint Clear Text Option. Configurable.SMS (Text Messaging) via SMSRelayNew Family Licensing OptionNew Lifetime Licensing OptionScripting Capability for Unattended Encryption and Decryption

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