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ProStats 2.3.4
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is a full-featured statistical analysis program written specifically for the Palm OS platform.ProStats calculates over 40 statistical values on two data sets of up to 100 points each. The results are displayed both numerically and graphically to provide the most complete answers. Features and Functions: Statistical calculations include:MeanStandard deviationStandard error of the MeanVarianceMinimumMaximumRangeSumSkewnessHistogram and Scatter Plots may be quickly done on the fly. Hypothesis testing (1 and 2 tailed t-testing) may be done to at 1, 2.5, 5, and 10% significance levels. Confidence Intervals may be calculated for the means of the data sets.Probability calculations may be done on all data or parameters may be entered individually. Regression analysis includes linear and exponential curve fitting, plotting, and interpolation. Data may be entered from the screen or imported from a comma-delimited memo file.Data may be saved as comma-delimited memo files for transfer to a PC. Data may be copied to the clipboard in CSV format so it may be pasted into Quicksheet 5.0.New Website: New Email:

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