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Pocket Diet Tracker 3.20
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Achieve your diet goals Pocket Diet Tracker is designed to help you keep track of your daily food intake and exercises.Pocket Diet Tracker runs on Pocket PC devices enabling you to log your food intake anywhere at anytime.Whether you want to lose weight or improve your health condition, Pocket Diet Tracker gives you the ability to do so easily.Pocket Diet Tracker key features:On the spot logging of food intake and exerciseson a daily basis makes it easy for you to accomplish your diet objectives. Download a trial version of Pocket Diet Tracker and get started using the most advanced and easy to use diet-tracking tool for the Pocket PC.Use the Diaryscreen to log your food intake andexercises. All dataare entered in the Diaryscreen making itsimple and fast tolog your food intake, exercises, weight readings and health related parameters. Totals for the dayare immediately reflected in the nutritional summary fields, giving you an instant overview of the impact on your diet. The Diary screen is fully customizable. You can define which nutritional fields and health related parameters should be displayed. The columns in the food- and exercise list can be rearranged.Extensive food database. Pocket Diet Tracker comes with an extensive food database containing detailed nutrition information about the most common foods in the US. A large database with 4600 foods and many additional fast food databases can be downloaded from our web site for free. New foods can be added to the database by simply entering the information fromthe nutritional information label found on the back of the food. Foods can be selected easily and fast fromthe list of recently used foods. Foods can be combined into meals for evenfaster access. A comprehensive search function in the food database makes sure that you will always locate a food when you need it.Pocket Diet Tracker automatically calculates your daily caloric need. The calculationis based onthe Harris-Benedictformula taking height, weight, age and gender into account or it can be based on your actual food intake for the last two weeks. You can also specify your required calories manually.Daily required calories will automatically be increased with the amount of calories you burn during exercises.Log your exercises fromalarge exercise database. Select the exercise from the extensive exercise database and enter minutes spent execising. Pocket Diet Tracker will calculate calories expended during the exercise.You cansetup User Defined Parameters to track virtually any aspect of your health condition . Examples of User Defined Parameters are body-fat percentage, pulse, blood pressure or any other parameter that you choose to define. Goals can be defined for all parameters enabling you to track your progress in the Reportscreen and in the Graphs screen.In the Reportscreen you can view other nutritional valuesincluding protein, fat, saturates, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, carbohydrate, fiber, alcohol, sodium and cholesterol. The report view will give you an overview of the nutritional decomposition for the day or for any given period. Diet goals for each nutritional value can be set as part of the diet and is displayed in the Report screen, so that you easily can compare your actual food intake with your diet goals.Reports can be exported to a CSV file and imported into MS Excel for further processing. A typical task might be to print out a report of your food intake and exercises for a given period and take it with you to your dietician.An advanced Graphsscreen enables you to graph all nutritional values, weight readings and User Defined Parameters for a given period of time. Two values can be displayed at the same time, giving you the ability to analyze coherence between different nutritional parameters affecting your diet.Track your weight lose plan in the Weight Tracker screen. Use the weight tracker graph to track the progress of your weight loss plan.Pocket Diet Tracker will issue warnings if youviolate your diet. Warnings can be defined for all nutritional values. You might consider enabling a warning if your food intake exceeds your caloric need. If you are on an atkins diet you might want to receive a warning if your carbohydrate intake exceeds a sudden level. Warnings are displayed immediately after a food is selected in the Diary.Press the “What can I eat today button?” to get instant knowledge of what you are allowed to eat at a sudden time on day. This is properly the easiest way to follow a diet. At a given time on the day simply tap the What can I eat today button? Only foods that will not violate your diet can be selected from the food database.Pocket Diet Tracker is integrated with the premier fitness program MySportTraining. Calorie intake and calorie expenditure is exchanged withMySportTraining.Weight entries is now exchanged between Pocket Diet Tracker and MySportTraining. If a weight entry for a date is changed in one program, the change is instantly reflected in the corresponding weight field in the other program

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