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PalmLog Pro 1.2.1
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THE professional aviation logbook for the Palm.Far too many features to list, but here are a few:Completely configurable with up to 72 fields of data and user-defined entry page layouts.Track times in H:M or decimal format and apply different conversion tables to each aircraft.Unlimited aircraft with custom automatic data entry settings.Editable dropdowns for Aircraft, Airfields, Tail #s, Crew, and 6 user-defined picklists.Dropdowns are “smarter,” sorting data by most-used and most-recently-used as well as alphabetical.Color and Grayscale support…highlight items that need attention.Powerful currency tracker. Define automatically calculated limits/minimums or simple date based currency.Extras (Help files and Spreadsheet generator) will be available on the website.Filters (including date ranges), totals, configurable columns, numerous preferences, etc.V1.2 Updates: (V1.2.1) – Import and Delete Range Menu optionsFaster date filtersNew Split time dialogSupport for larger counter fields with up to 2 decimal places.Smart dropdowns for fast movement through dropdowns.Several Bug FixesV1.1 Updates: Calculated expenses popups Duration percentages added to times popups USN conversion tables updated Double digit decimal support added Automemorization enhanced Ratings & Licenses added to currency along with “Last accomplished date” for all items Faster main page drawing Bug fixes throughout Warning: For those that use SilverScreen, you should exit that program before installing. Afterwards, everything will be normal, including a grayscale icon in SilverScreen. IMPORTANT PURCHASE NOTE: When purchasing, you will be asked for your HotSync ID. This is required to generate a valid key. You can quickly get this value from the PalmLog Pro About Box that pops up when you start the program. Handango needs the value next to PUN, not the reg code in the field below.

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