Download Net Force (for the Pocket PC) v2.0ppc

Net Force (for the Pocket PC) v2.0ppc
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Net Force is a collection of tools used by Network Adminstrators to monitor and maintain networks. Net Force includes utilities like Port Scanner, CharGen, DNSLookup, Ping, IP Subnet Calculator, HTTP Fetch Quote of the Day Service and Daytime Service. The application also includes a TFTP Server and client as well as clients for Echo, Finger and Whois.Features:”Network Information – Displays information about Winsock, the connection profiles on the device, network card and active IP addresses.Port Scanner – Helps you in finding out whether a service is running on a particular port. You can also query on a range of ports. CharGen – An RFC 864 compliant character generator service which is often useful for debugging. DNSLookup – Displays information from Domain Name System (DNS) name servers. Ping – Determines whether a specific IP address is accessible.IP Subnet Calculator – A handy calculator to have for subnet configuration.HTTP Fetch – Fetches the desired page and shows it in the log window. You can also connect via the proxy server.Echo Client – Using this tool you can send text to an echo server and find out if it is returned back properly.Finger Client – Furnishes information about users on a remote machine. Displays the user’s login name, real name, terminal name and write status, idle time, login time, office location and office phone number.Whois Client – A TCP transaction based query that provides netwide directory service to Internet users.TFTP Server and TFTP ClientQuote of the Day ServiceDaytime Service

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