Download miniMusic BugBand 1.2

miniMusic BugBand 1.2
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Platform: mobile
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Learn to read music and play piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, trombone or tuba! A simple and fun game where you must play the right note to get rid of the bugs. Start in the practice level to learn the basics, or start on a higher level to suit your musical ability. With 11 levels BugBand will teach you sharps and flats, and both the treble and bass clefs. Now includes our Krikit synth for rich audio on most modern phones and handhelds, and supports the enhanced sound found on the Tapwave Zodiac, many Sony Clies and the Beat Plus Springboard module. Ideal for students, children, and anyone who wants to practice or learn more about music. Lots of bugs! Lots of fun!(Free demo only offers first three levels)

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