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Mini Invoice null
Category: Business Applications
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase
Publisher: LingleTech


Enter orders anywhere, anytime.Enter the order date, number, customer name, terms, ship code, due date,item, quantity, price. Mini Invoice automatically calculates the totalof each order and allows you to view and print it on your PC. There’salso a function to list all the orders. Comes with two free utilities. The first allows you to view and print reports/invoices on your PC. Thesecond allows you to import/export data to/from your PC.1.1 fixes calculation problem.1.2 fully compatible with Palm Os5, changed amount to amount each and multiplied it by the quantity.1.3 compatible with PalmOS 5.2.0 Completely changed the looks including color icon buttons, compatible with the latest Palm OS5 PDAs, quicker and more efficient by adding pull-down menus to select frequently used text, added a tax/misc percentage field and shows the amount before and after tax/misc %, and added a Total field and Customer filter in the List screen.

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