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MedKeeper 2.6
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General Information Whether in school or in training, MedKeeper is a valuable companion to the healthcare professional. MedKeeper has two main purposes; one is to record quick notes on medical topics that are encountered from day to day. The second purpose is to keep track of details that are invaluable in making the trek from pee-on to practitioner. Features All new color scheme Virtually unlimited number of record entries Tables sorted by either date, rank, or alphabeticallyCategories allow one touch filtering of all data tables Enhanced recording on all tables and forms Added forms for information on prospective schoolsNew forms for books and mentors Delete record alert helps preserve data Scrollable data entry fields allow for increased data entry One touch beaming of records In-program manual allows anytime help Free upgrades for as long as you own it!Updates Version 2.6: -Removed splash screen and added expanded menu screen -Implemented a color scheme complete with colored buttons, menus, alerts, title bars, etc. -New category screen allows you to filter all tables by user defined categories -Added Beam Record function -Added forms for recording information on books and texts -Added forms for recording information on mentors and attendings -Added forms for information on prospective schools -Added a table for recording subject and date of quick notesVersion 2.5 -Added Color!! -Added Procedure Log for recording surgeries, tests, and procedures. -Added bold to some fields for clarification.Version 2.2 -Added editing functions to menu; cut, copy, paste, etc. -Fixed some minor bugs and improved speed through forms.Version 2.0: -Fixed several small bugs which now allow for easier text entry to tables. -Added the new “Note Pad” form for quick notes. -New table sorting in alphabetical order in addition to the already present table filtering.

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