Download MD Coder: – Full Install 6.13

MD Coder: – Full Install 6.13
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Welcome to the next generation in charge captureWelcome to the next generation in charge capture!MD Coder supplies healthcare professionals with the ability to capture delicate and pertinent patient charges at the point of care. MDT currently provides well over 2000 physicians in 35 states the MD Coder software. Working diligently with several of our larger practice groups, MDT has had the opportunity to develop its charge capture software with first hand input from our Physician users. MDT recently selected five large groups in specific regions of the United States to serve as an onsite reference. We invite you to contact one of our active users of our system and allow them to attest to the ease of implementation, clean usability and flexible functionality. Please contact us directly at 713 554 5303 for more information. With easy to find CPT codes, cross-linked ICD-9 codes, a searchable CPT and ICD-9 keyword library, ability to share patients, sync wirelessly, create custom fields, support for cross-coverage, and a complete reporting module with support for integrating MD Coder has a version to suite your needs. Looking to use MD Coder and outsource your biling, we can do this as well. It has been proven over and over again, the return on investment is immediate. If a user captures just one level 3 code that would go otherwise uncaptured MD Coder pays for itself. If you have any difficulty whatsoever downloading or using the product, please call us ASAP and we can help. Features Updated codes for 2005!!!! Categorized, Cross-Referenced CPT and ICD-9 Codes Select a CPT code and automatically be given the appropriate ICD-9 codes for the CPT code based on LMRP data Eliminate index cards as best as possible Decrease Paper Increase revenue – We encourage you to reach out to our customers. Every single customer of ours has seen an improvement in revenue, a decrease in paper and an overall increase in back office effenciency. Allows your back office to spend more time on Collections and less on Coding. Create customizable E&M ICD-9 lists on the PC and synchronize them to one or more handhelds An enhanced patient display that supports 100+ on-device patients, faster performance, and increased font size Comprehensive Patient Tracking Data Synchronization and Enhanced Reporting from a PC An all new graphical interface with support for color devices The ability to build customized Favorite Lists with your CPT and ICD-9 codes Quickly add any existing CPT or ICD code on the handheld to your Favorite List Ability to customize the look of your patient list Sort codes on the handheld by either number or description Full integration with E&M DocuMentor. Allowing any user to calculate the appropriate level of services based on the latest CMS guidelines. A full export module so you can use your data in other databases, Excel, Acrobat, and other applications 20 specialty databases to choose from! (custom databases available) MD Coder PLUS MD Coder PLUS captures and sort specific information about patients quickly and easily at the point of care. Each patient can have the following information tracked. MD Coder can be integrated with your Practice Management System or EMR allowing for a seamless charge capture application reflecting the latest patient information all in real time. MD Coder support the Palm, Pocket PC, Tablets and now has a Web Edition for anywhere anytime support. Please feel free to download a trial version of MD Coder for a test drive. Call us anytime with any question day or night, white glove support is our mantra (713) 554-5323 or email us MD Coder Benefits MD Code will improve the ability of multiple users within any size HCO to rapidly submit charges to billing Decreased time for billing to manage charge slips, decipher handwriting, organize large numbers of MD charges Improve cash flow -minimize lost charges – increase income Dramatically reduce days of charges in A/R Minimize administrative time and any paper processes Centralized data access to patient and billing information Dramatically improved communication between group members Eliminates charge entry errors caused from illegible paper work. No lost fee sheets or misplaced index cards.Intuitive InterfaceFast. Easy. Intuitive. You’ll never find too many buttons; you’ll never get lost. We understand that physicians are extremely busy and your time is precious. We’ve made our application easy to use, easy enough that many don’t need the included documentation.Data entry for MD Coder has never been easier with drill down menus, editable popup lists, large, clear, graphic buttons, and easy-to-find CPT codes. When you highlight a CPT or an ICD-9 code the full description will appear. MD Coder uses a categorized hierarchy of drill down menus organized by your peers. Using this fast indexing system, MD Coder will let you drill down multiple levels to the CPT code you need in the blink of any eye. Categorized/Cross ReferencedMD Coder’s most innovative feature is in the way we categorize and organize the CPT and ICD-9 codes. MD Coder’s specialty databases are organized and updated by your peers. Use our innovative drill-down interface to find any one of hundreds or thousands of categorized CPT codes you’re looking for in just a few screen taps. The CPT codes are then cross-referenced to the appropriate ICD codes for billing. Search our 350,000 keyword library and in seconds find one of 8500 CPT codes or one of 13,000+ ICD-9 Codes All codes have full descriptions and can be tied directly to the patient you are coding against. Once done, synchronize and you’ll find your updated demographic information and procedure data on the PC. Don’t see a code you need? Add it. MD Coder 6.13 now sports completely customizable CPT and ICD lists through the use of Favorite Lists.Synchronization and ReportingWith the interactive MD Coder PC application, multiple physicians can synchronize to one database. Physicians can share information, patients, and keep all of this work and information organized. The PC application allows you to track patients, visits, and charges. A search interface lets you find and update CPT, ICD, and modifier codes for individual patients. Customizable drop lists allow you to speed up data entry for many fields that contain the same the information: PCP, Location, and Referring Physician among others.

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