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JFedit PRO 3.24
Category: Database Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


is a program that edits and views the new JFile 4 / PRO databases. + It consists of a small, optimized WIN95/98/2000/NT application that shows your data in a spreadsheet-like grid. + Opening existing database files created by JFile 3.x or JFile 4 / pro is a cinch, as is installing the database on the Palm for JFile 4 / pro and converting JFile 3.x databases to the new JFile. + Because the grid is fully editable, changing information is easy. + Various bells and whistles are available, including sorting, searching, changing column widths, and adding, deleting or copying columns and rows. + It supports font setting, popup list data, filter, password, export, append, import and creates a good quality printout. + A documentation is included. + You can use the free trial version for 30 days.

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