Download Greek Palm OS Localization (Greek PiLoc) null

Greek Palm OS Localization (Greek PiLoc) null
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Updated 15/07/2007 Greek PiLoc localization system for Treo 700p has been released!Updated 19/01/2006 Greek PiLoc localization system for Treo 680 has been released! Overview Greek PiLoc localization system is one of best-selling solutions of Palm OS localization. Piloc localization systems series provides language support and interface translation for more then 40 languages and the most popular Palm OS devices. At the European PalmSource Developer Conference 2003 PiLoc Palm OS localization technology was recognized as the winner of 2003 European Palm Powered Up Award in the Productivity Tools category. “PiLoc provides an industry-leading, comprehensive approach to national language support that is highly-integrated with Palm OS.” – said Larry Berkin, Director, Global Developer Marketing, PalmSource, Inc. Greek PiLoc features: Built-in system fonts replacement to add Greek letters.Alternative Graffiti layout to write Greek letters.Additional on-screen keyboard layout for Greek letters. Special module for external keyboard is included.Correct search and sorting operations for Greek text.Basic Greek encoding types are supported (Windows-1253, Mac and ISO8859-7).Optional feature: full translation of Palm OS interface and standard (build-in) applications to Greek. Please check the demo to see, if your device is supported.Possibility to install several additional language support systems (for example, Greek and Russian).Please, check if your device is supported at Greek PiLoc Download Wizard. If you own Treo 650 or Treo 680 Palm OS device please choose the appropreate PiLoc localization system version: Greek PiLoc Deluxe for Treo 680 Greek Piloc language support with advanced features specially designed for Treo 680 Greek Piloc Deluxe for Treo 650 Greek Piloc language support with advanced features specially designed for Treo 650 Greek Piloc for Palm TX Greek Piloc language support specially designed for Palm TX See Also We also recommend you to try Special utility PiLoc Monitor allows to configure national language support for each application separately SlovoEd dictionareis for Greek with convenient interface, built-in morphology modules, add-on audio pronunciations, quick translation from any application and large number of word entries. Available dictionaries: Greek-English-Greek Greek-French-Greek Greek-German-Greek Greek-Italian-Greek Greek-Polish-Greek Greek-Portuguese-Greek Greek-Russian-Greek Greek-Spanish-Greek Greek-Dutch (unidirectional)

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