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Graphics4VO 6.21
Category: Components & Libraries
Platform: windows
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Graphics4VO is the graphics interface for the programming language CA Visual Objects with classes, methods, and functions for the integration of graphics, images, charts, and presentation for the display, printer, plotter, file, and memory. Graphics4VO adds rich graphics for display, printer, plotter, bitmap, metafile, and memory bitmap to the programming language CA-Visual Objects, which has rather modest built-in graphic capabilities. In addition to pixel graphics and graphic primitives Graphics4VO offers a simple way of creating presentation and business graphics like bar charts, pie charts, linear diagrams, mathematical coordinates systems, function curves, and fractals. User applications will be capable of importing graphic images from other programs, loading scanned images and images from files in various graphic formats including Arc-View Shape files. High performance coordinate transformations in world coordinates system will spare the user from doing complex calculations and guarantee image integrity across a wide range of output devices. The library is available in form of a DLL or as source code in AEF format. Comprehensive English or German documentation as well as a sample program with code examples are included.

What’s new in this version: Version 6.21 improves Fault tolerance in dealing with shape files.

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