Download Gone Fishing 1.3

Gone Fishing 1.3
Category: Sports Games
Platform: mobile
License: Free
Publisher: Drimmi LLC


Legendary game Gone Fishing the number of installations which exceeded 14 million is on Android now! Feel the real fishermans excitement and joy of fishing! You can enjoy the great views and sounds of nature. Just install Gone Fishing on your phone for do it.There are 100s species of real existing fish, lots of different fishing ponds and more than 50 types of baits and tackles!Install it! Break your own records! Share you successes in Facebook and Twitter! Express your friends with incredible records and amazing pics!Do you think 150 kg is a lot? No! Its just big fish in Gone Fishing!Try to catch 300 kg and prove everybody that you’re a real man!Gameplay and main features.Catch a fish (mini-game). To catch a fish player has to set a correct items from inventory on a correct location and win a mini-game, where player have to try to hold a moving object in the framework.Inventory. To achieve max results player have to collect right sets of rods, lures and baits.Quests. The system of quests build up on a principle of generator allows getting an unlimited number of tasks and keeps the interest of player.Awards. By reaching global game goals and completing missions player will get a valuable prize.Progress. New locations with unique sets of fish will be opened with the progress of the player.Encyclopedia. Reference of a fisherman contains all information with places and baits for the fish.Strengths.High level of graphics with no typical for mobile applications detalisation.User-friendly interface designed special for touch screens.Fish encyclopedia contains full information about every fish in the game.Soundtrack with effect of the presence.Virality:The game is connected with Facebook and Twitter. A player has the opportunity to boast of his Catch by placing of a prepared text and a photo of fish. Moreover, for every time placement of same materials the player will be awarded a small prize.Text materials posted by a player contain the title of the project and a link, where to buy and download the application.Monetary:Player has an opportunity to buy some things for a real money:Pay roads: An opportunity to catch heaviest and more expensive fish Pay lures: An opportunity to catch rarest and more valuable fish Pay baits: Total increase of the quality of a catch, time of a catch.Access to locations: access to some locations for per-game money for a short time. You can continue this time or buy the right to permanent use. So you will be able to visit some locations only if you buy it for real money.Prices from $1 till $50.Recent changes:- fixed critical bug with location unlocking- fixed bugs with achievementsContent rating: Low Maturity

What’s new in this version: – fixed critical bug with location unlocking- fixed bugs with achievements

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