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Gene Inspector 2.0.2
Category: Science Software
Platform: mac
License: Update


What is a Molecular Biologist’s Laboratory Assistant? It is exactly what biologists have been waiting for ? a combination of a versatile electronic laboratory notebook, a sequence analysis package, and an illustration tool for the Macintosh. This electronic notebook will allow you to plan, organize, and carry-out your experiments and analyses in such an innovative way that you will never want to go back to the way you are doing it now. The Gene Inspector can perform many sophisticated sequence analyses, but this new software is much more than just another sequence analysis product. Imagine having the ability to define an entire suite of analyses to be performed each time you have a new sequence, and to design custom style sheets which specify exactly how your output will look for each analysis. Because you can predefine and store analysis parameters for any analysis to fit your needs, anyone in the lab will be able to obtain meaningful and consistent results, whether they are a novice just entering the lab, or an experienced researcher familiar with the analysis routines. The combination of notebook with navigation and drawing tools and sophisticated analyses provides the ability to annotate experimental results and analyses in a single location, rather than keeping your sequence analyses separate from you lab notes.

What’s new in this version:

  • (M/W) Fixed an issue with character drawing when sequences are grouped
  • (M/W) Fixed problem with drawing extra “junk” characters at the end of a sequence line
  • (M) Updated drawing routines to better align sequence characters when using variable width fonts
  • (M) Added UTI types to identify GI files in File Open/Save dialogs
  • (M) Fixed problems with drawing underlined characters with variable width fonts

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