Download funSMS 5 PDA – The Text Messages Manager – English 5.1.0

funSMS 5 PDA – The Text Messages Manager – English 5.1.0
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funSMS 5 PDAfunSMS 5 makes sending and managing SMS messages more simple and convenient than ever before!No other SMS application offers such a comparably broad range of functions and ease-of-use as funSMS 5, a fact borne out by the regular awards our program receives.Incomparable broad range of functions and ease-of-useAppealing graphical user interfaceSupports 160*160 pixels as well as the 160*240 and/or 320*480 pixels for PDAs with a fade-out Dynamic Input AreaLow and high resolution versions for color devices!High quality grey or color graphicsSupports mobile phone links using an infrared, Bluetooth or serial interfaceTest before you buy: funSMS 5 can be used for 30 days without any restrictions.How to use funSMS 5 PDAEverything in orderThe four folders Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Templates give you a clear overview of your SMS messages, and you can also sort your text messages using freely definable categories, e.g. in order to separate private and business messages. Depending on which folder they are in, saved messages can be read, answered, forwarded, edited, copied, deleted or used as templates.Child’s playThe graphical user interface with the completely new Start Center makes the application extremely easy to use. The new Start Center indicates the number of unread SMS as well as not sent SMS in the folder outbox. Preview of all unread SMS with automatically time-steered pages. Theintegration with the Palm address book helps you to choose the recipient and sender of incoming SMS messages. And to make using funSMS 5 even easier, it also supports the Palm 5-Way Navigator, the Sony JogDial, as well as the hard keys of up-to-date Palm OS PDA’sUnrestricted freedomIt goes without saying that you can also send messages to multiple recipients. Multi-line messages raise the restriction to 160 characters which usually applies to SMS messages. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be pasted from the Palm Address Book. A signature can be automatically added to every SMS message.Always at handSMS messages can be written and then saved as a template together with therecipient list, which is particularly practical when you frequently need to send the same message. For templates with defined recipients the recipient (name or if unknown telephone number) as well as the beginning of the text will be shown. For templates without defined recipients the complete line is used to display the text.Never forget anything ever againImportant SMS messages can be exported to the Palm applications Memo Pad and To Do List. The SMS databases can be edited under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS using third-party applications (available as freeware or shareware). funSMS 5 is also integrated in the Wassup information centre.

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