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FormulaCalc 7.0
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Checkout L3’s MegaPack!This application is also available as part of the MegaPack application library! MegaPack gives you a library of almost 100 full featured applications in eight different categories. It includes L3’s award winning and best selling apps for business, personal productivity, health, utilities, games, and more. And all at a bargain price!Click here for detailed information.Requires common runtime Booster file: free download here.FormulaCalc is a powerful and flexible formula calculator for the Palm. Unlike typical computer calculators, FormulaCalc lets you edit and calculate text expressions, including parentheses based precedence. Easier to use than a spreadsheet, it is also much more flexible than the usual calculator. You can save, change, and then re-use formulas. You can even include named variables in the expression, and replace the values on the fly! Now supports Color and B/W Palm OS devices!Entering FormulasFormula-based calculations are easy to enter, correct, and re-use. Suppose you were going to paint a rectangular bedroom, and needed to make sure to get the right amount of paint. To calculate the square footage of the room?s walls, you add the length and width of the room times 2, times the room?s height, and subtract for windows and doors. For example: (10 + 12) * 2 * 8 ? (3 * (3 * 4)) + (2 * (3 * 7)). Did you enter one of the digits wrong? Just change it and recalc. Want to use the same formula for the living room? Just save it and use the expression as many times as you wish, changing only the relevant values.ParametersTo make formula re-use even easier, you can name the values used in the formula and FormulaCalc will supply the values on the fly, using its Params feature. Parameter names should be enclosed in square brackets, like this: [name]. For example, the bedroom room square footage example could be phrased this way: ([length] + [width]) * 2 * [height] ? ([windows] * (3 * 4)) + ([doors] * (3 * 7)). Once you have set up your formula with parameter names, you can click the ?Params? button and open a custom entry screen for the values. FormulaCalc remembers the parameter names and last-entered values every time you save the formula. A formula can contain up to seven parameters, and the parameters may be referenced in an expression as often as needed.Functions, Operators, and Rules of PrecedenceFormulaCalc includes support for a wide variety of mathematical functions and operators. They are evaluated according to standard formulaic rules of precedence, unless you use parentheses to override operator precedence. For example, the expression 3 + 3 * 2 is evaluated by calculating the multiplication first, so the result equals 9. (3 + 3) * 2 causes the addition operation to be performed first, since it is within parentheses, so the result equals 12.Saving, Editing, and Re-UseSaving a formula is simple: just enter a name for the formula, and tap the Save As button. To see your saved formulas, tap the List button on the calculator screen. You can edit an existing formula by selecting it then clicking the Edit or Calculate buttons. Tapping Save As will update the formula. Change the formula?s name and it will automatically be saved as a new formula.

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