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Endocrinology Lectures 1.1
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This set of files consists of 26 lectures that cover a broad spectrum of diagnoses in endocrinology. They are intended for use as reference material by physicians and other health care professionals. I am an endocrinologist at the University of California Los Angeles and this material is used to train internal medicine residents rotating through endocrinology. The files are comprehensive and appropriate to any stage of medical training, including practicing primary care physicians as well as endocrinologists. Each file is based on current medical literature and describes normal physiology, signs & symptoms, epidemiology, differential diagnosis and/or management of each condition. The titles are listed below:1. Adrenal insufficiency;2. Cushing’s syndrome;3. The thyroid: physiology and pathology;4. Thyroid disease in the elderly;5. Amiodarone’s effect on the thyroid;6. Euthyroid sick syndrome;7. Graves’ ophthalmopathy;8. Diabetes mellitus: fundamentals of diagnosis and treatment;9. Diabetic nephropathy;10. Diabetic retinopathy;11. Pneumonia in diabetes mellitus;12. Hypoglycemia;13. Diabetes insipidus;14. Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion;15. Hypercalcemia;16. Aldosterone: physiology and pathology;17. Endocrine hypertension;18. Pituitary disease;19. Growth hormone;20. Hyperprolactinemia;21. Multiple endocrine neoplasia;22. National cholesterol education program guidelines;23. Use of statins;24. Testicular tumors;25. Endocrine urine collection instructions;26. Amenorrhea, hirsutism, and polycystic ovary syndrome.The files are in the DOC format and thus require installation on the handheld computer of a program which can display files in the DOC format (such as AportisDoc, SmartDoc, TealDoc, CSpotRun, etc.). The trial version contains 10 of these lectures. A few of the trial version lectures may be found at various sites on the internet, so you may already be familiar with my work. The only way to obtain the complete set of lectures is at Handango. Those who purchase the full set of files will be entitled to unlimited updates on demand by emailing the author.

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