Download Electronics (Danish version) 2.8

Electronics (Danish version) 2.8
Category: Developer Tutorials
Platform: mobile
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Electronics is a electronic reference application with the followingfeatures:Color coding calculators both for resistors and capacitors.Standard EIA rounding for resistors with E12, E24 or E96 tables.IEC conversions for resistors(SMD) and capacitors.Conversion between capacitor coding systems.Miscellaneous calculations both for resistors and capacitors.Extensive help for precisions and voltages in resistors and capacitors.Interactive common discrete semiconductor reference.Common connectors: Scart, Din, Jack, S-Video, XLR, ISDN, TAE, USBCommon cables/interfaces: Centronics, Rs232, X.21, V.35, RS422/RS423, Null Modem, Palm Connector,Palm cradle connector, Palm Nullmodem and Ethernet Rj45 UTP cross cables.

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