Download Cyber Man CE Pocket PC edition 2.0

Cyber Man CE Pocket PC edition 2.0
Category: Action Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


Cyber Man CE brings arcade action to Windows CE and Pocket PC devices. Your mission is to help Cyber Man retrieve all of the chips that have been scattered throughout ten different laboratories.While doing this, he will have to avoid the computer-controlled security system. This system includes four robots that will destroy Cyber Man on contact. Luckily, there are four power-up chips per lab. Once Cyber Man has picked up one of these chips, he can overcome the robots for a short period of time.However, this will not be an easy mission, as the robot intelligence increases with each new level. It has been reported that there are ways to trick the robots’ logic programming. This will definitely help you with your mission.Cyber Man will start each mission with three lives in normal mode and four lives in easy. In either mode, an extra life can be earned for every 35,000 points, up to a maximum of five. Good luck!

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