Download CesarUSA Text Editor BS 1.1

CesarUSA Text Editor BS 1.1
Category: Word Processing Software
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: CesarUSA


The program allows the user to edit RTF, TXT, HTM, and HTML files. Word and many other word processing and text editor programs can read those formats. People using other formats such as DOC and DOCX can save those files to the formats used by the CesarUSA Text Editor BS by using the Save As feature and choosing the desired format. The one recommended for most text editing in CesarUSA Text Editor BS is the RTF format. Those files will have the extension RTF. You can easily open them in Word and other programs and save them in other formats such as DOC and DOCX. One of the advantages of this program is that it suggests words for the user to choose and incorporate into the text being typed. That is what is often called autocompletion. This program offers two autocompletion modules to choose from. This release intends to check the acceptance of the program and there are other features that will be added to it as time goes by. Some very popular. The user can add words to the autocompletion dictionary, but should then rebuild the dictionary by using the Build menu item in the program so that he can use the new words during the autocompletion. A very large dictionary could cause that the suggestions appear a little slow depending on the speed of the computer being used. The dictionary provides frequently used words and the names of many medicines. The user may choose to eliminate the names of the medicines from the suggestion dictionary, which is the Dictionary.txt file. The program has other features such as the removal of empty lines, etc.

What’s new in this version: Shortcuts for the Inline Autocomplete feature.

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