Download Call Tracker for Palm OS 2.14

Call Tracker for Palm OS 2.14
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Managing your calls just got a lot easier with Call Tracker for Palm OS. It allows you to track and log calls coming in and calls going out, and schedule new calls. Plus, you can add notes to existing calls, and even relocate them all to your Date Book! You can organize calls by category, and within a straightforward column system, which you can define and customize in the Column Settings menu. Version Historyv.2.16 – Current release version. Released on April 13, 2006. This version features minor bug fixes.v.2.16b4 – Released on June 14th, 2004. Minor bug fixes. v.2.1 – Released on 11/26/2002. Added Palm OS 5.0 support.v.2.04 – Minor bug fixes.v.2.0b2 – Major program re-write.

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