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BugMe! Notepad is the quickest and easiest way to take yellow sticky style notes and set reminders… Try it for FREE and see what you think!BugMe! is an ingeniously simple note taker and memory jolter. Relevant and useful to everyone who owns a Windows Mobile Pocket PC, BugMe! has won many prestigious awards and has a growing, grateful following amongst handheld users. As with all Electric Pocket products, BugMe! is fully supported and constantly enhanced.BugMe! offers you:Convenient Note TakingTake notes in your own handwriting or with typed text. Jot quick notes as you go. Make a quick sketch, draw a map or a doodle. BugMe! captures what you draw directly on your Pocket PC’s screen, making note taking fast, easy, and accurate. You can easily use your notes as alarms too, giving you a quick, visual task reminder. Quick, Flexible, Visual AlarmsBugMe! lets you use your notes as visual alarms. It is quickest to choose from pre-defined intervals – ‘Bug me in an hour’ – but you can set an alarm for any time in the future. When the time comes, BugMe! will wake your handheld and show you your note. BugMe! offers a full set of repeating alarms and nagging alarm sounds too – so you’ll never forget what you need to be doing!Powerful Drawing ToolsAdd flair to your notes with a rich set of colors and pen styles. BugMe! has full color support – change the pen and paper color to suit your message or your mood! You can start with a blank note page, or take a screenshot of any application and jot on that. Or you can use a photo you’ve taken on your Pocket PC.Take Notes, with Pen or VoiceIn a hurry? BugMe! lets you take voice notes on the run. You can replay your Voice Notes later, or even use them as alarms!Share Notes, easilyBugMe! Mobile lets you share your notes with friends and colleagues – simply choose the note and send it by email or MMS from your mobile device…Download the FREE BugMe! trial now, and see what you are missing!

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