Download Better ListView 2.4.3

Better ListView 2.4.3
Category: Specialized Tools
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: Dextronet


Better ListView is the ultimate ListView replacement control for .NET 2.0 or higher. Because this alternative ListView component is written from scratch, all bugs present in the Microsoft .NET ListView control are fixed. It also has many additional new features. Better ListView mimics behavior of Windows Explorer ListView whenever possible and leverages the previous user knowledge that way – it just feels right and is easy to use.

The new features include, Supports hierarchical items (tree), Always uses current system theme; Looks great with Aere, Flicker free and double-buffered, Enhanced image support (each sub-item can have an image, automatic intelligent resizing, and more), Improved drag & drop support and behavior, Improved checkboxes (usable in all view modes, three-state checkboxes support, better behavior) Improved selections behavior (mimics Windows Explorer). Auto-scroll while reordering items and column headers, Multi-column sorting, Improved column headers (eg; they can be used in all layouts), Context menu for column headers; Column header images supported, Added automatic tooltips for items with too long text, Complex data-binding support added; All elements can be owner-drawn, Rich ListView event data; Customizable searching by typing.

Why choose the Better ListView control. Written from scratch in pure managed code (C#), Does not inherit from regular ListView; Light-weight, flexible and powerful More features, More user-friendly, Very little learning time needed – mostly compatible with regular ListView control, No dependencies, single DLL deployment (80kB when the DLL is compressed, Optimized and fast.

What’s new in this version: Version 2.4.3 has added LabelEditDefaultAccept property and fixed horizontal scrolling.

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