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BackupPro 2.03
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New BackupPro V2.03 now supports Palm OS 4.1 on M50X, Vx, V, IIIx, Symbol SPT 18XX and 1550 devices.V2.03 also supports the new Palm i705 and new Samsung I300.Protect your valuable Palm device data and programs with TRG’s BackupPro. Using BackupPro, you can back up your data and programs with a single tap of the ZZbackup icon.And in case of a Palm device hard reset, you can restore your data and programs with a single tap of the ZZrestore icon. On-Device BackupUsing ZZsetup, you select which databases and programs to back up from a list of all programs and databases on the device. Then, when you tap ZZbackup, BackupPro copies the selected programs and databases from volatile RAM memory to non-volatile Flash memory. When you tap ZZrestore, such as after a hard reset or whenever you need to restore your programs and data, BackupPro will copy your backed-up programs (in Flash memory) and data back to RAM memory. Value Added ResellersVARs and Palm software developers can use BackupPro to protect their software products on the devices they load and deploy. They will use BackupPro to provide their customers a one-tap restore of their critical programs and databases in case they experience a hard reset. This support will dramatically reduce the VAR help desk support requirements. BackupPro also includes a Flash memory software developer kit (SDK) that includes several Application Programmer Interfaces (API). VARs can use these APIs to create their own backup and restore tools if the standard BackupPro functions do not meet their needs. Contact for more information about the Flash memory APIs.PricingA single user license is $9.95. Quantity discount pricing is available from TRG. CompatibilityPlease see a list of the supported devices and Palm OS releases under the FlashPro product description. BackupPro is a specialized subset of TRG’s FlashPro and FlashPack, and as such, if BackupPro is installed on a device that already has FlashPro installed, the FlashPro product will be replaced by BackupPro.A list of applications and databases that have been tested for Flash compatibility is available on our web site at

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